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Vortragssaal Reinhold-Frank-Str.81 / Vordergebäude

Werkvortrag. Ran Zhang

In Ran Zhang’s practice, the long term process of observing microscopic subjects, turned the action of seeing into a content of its own, a behaviour, or a ritual. It develops into a sense of self awareness of the biochemical body that makes this process possible. The lecture will focus on questions and thoughts around Ran Zhang’s latest works: how to see and visualize the none perceivable atomic reality; how does knowledge replace direct experience and become the pathway to encounter the invisible; how does scientific knowledge condition us to compose mental images; and how are fiction/imagination and truth synthesized through an ‘emotional’ reaction to knowledge, yet entangled when we simply process visual information. Thus, is an image a textural threshold, filtering the possibilities of entering the emergent outcome between the space of the visible and the none-visual.