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Ole Brolin

Listening and hearing

"For twenty-five centuries Western knowledge tried to look upon the world; it failed to understand thatthe world is not for beholding. It is for hearing; it is not legible but audible. Our science has alwayswanted to monitor, measure, abstract and castrate meaning, forgetting that death alone is silent andthat life is full of noise - Work noise, human noise, animal noise. Noise bought sold or prohibited. Nothing essential happens in the absence of noise." Jacques Attali, Noise, 1976

Der schwedische Soundkünstler Ole Brolin stellt in seinem Vortrag Methoden und Prozesse vor, die er entwickelt hat, um mit Klang in unterschiedlichen Zusammenhängen und zu unterschiedlichen Zwecken zu arbeiten.

“Sound is ephemeral but can be reinforced to seem static. Static sound is mostly man made. Or so it seems to me.In nature sound has less permanence, it almost always ends at some point.I live next to Tegel Airport.IIf you put a ruler on a map from one of the lanes it crosses my house. The planes landing come whoooooshing overhead. On a busy day they change the sound environment with a timed regularity. This interacts with the rhythms of other activities, say the four-in-the-morning bread trucks going to the bakery down the street and the calls of the crows calling. Kopfsteinpflaster, old-school, old, uneven and trodden down for a hundred years atleast, give the bread trucks an amazing subsonic vibration that shakes the floor in my room at night. The world is sound and it's constant but temporary. Ever-changing but consistent. A piece of music composed by itself.”