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Punch Light

Vortrag des Filmemachers und Video-Künstlers Musquiqui Chihying (in englischer Sprache)


At this presentation, Musquiqui Chihying will screen and speak about his latest video installation, The Lighting (2021). The work explores the issue of discrimination resulting from technological development and image production: A Taiwanese software engineer and three professional Togolese photographers discuss the production of images in transition from human operation to computational algorithms. The film also contains a short kung fu film, which was produced through the use of Kodak's 16mm Echtachrome, in the style of an exploitation film using images of the famous Black martial artist Jim Kelly in the 70s Hong Kong film industry.

In addition, Chihying will share his ongoing project about the criticism of ethnological collections in museums, which also relates to the discussion of contemporary exchanges between the Asian and African continents.