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How to give?

Werkvortrag von Catarina van Eetvelde (in engl. Sprache)

Die Künstlerin macht am Freitag, 27.1., Studiovisits, Anmeldung nach Vortragsende.

Around me and in me are passages of thousands of years of kinship being, life next to life on top of life. All delicate of ageing, they are withered, passed along: knowledges of courages made gentle. There is a place inside of me from where I work, it is older than a city. I hold a tread that is a trillion times carried before me.
I stand one hand outstretched, then both arms wide. One hand remembers the other is not yet, the body knows. And all that is, it is protected, because it is capable of being touched.
I relate of that affection.