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Studying in Karlsruhe: Foci an Facilities

The foci of teaching and training at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe lie in the Fine Arts and in the training of future art teachers for work in German Gymnasien (grammar schools).

With its some 300 students, the Karlsruhe Academy of Fine Arts is one of the smaller, highly specialized art schools in Germany. Its wide array of spacious studios and workshops offer students ideal working conditions. These facilities are spread across three sites – the Main Building with its front and rear buildings, the Sculptors’ Garden and the baroque-style Schloss Scheibenhardt. The administrative offices and Library are housed in a Gründerzeit-style mansion in the immediate vicinity of the Main Building.

In addition to the above-mentioned teaching foci, the Academy also offers courses in Art Appreciation and Art History, Aesthetics, Art Teaching and Educational Sciences. The praxis-oriented courses of study are complemented by guest lectures and seminars. Our Library comprising some 50,000 volumes and with regular holdings of key publications and art journals is open from Monday to Friday.