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Art Teaching and Educational Sciences

What does it mean to be an artist when you actually become a teacher? – Certainly not a losing of oneself in the attempt to fulfil myriad tasks, nor again an abandonment of art, but rather: working artistically on the task of art in society. Art teaching is the art of bringing together prevalent issues of the day with the forms of articulation chosen by art against the backdrop of historical and contemporary discourses. The objective is to relate these two fields to one another in a pleasurable, exciting way, to develop out of them lively forms of application, and to allow the experience and insight so acquired to flow on into new theories and forms of practice that can be viable at one of the most important interfaces of art and society – important because passed through by everyone in the course of their personal development – namely: school as a place and as a period of time. Thus teaching methodology is the art of teaching and teachers are creative visual artists. They set to work – often with the knowledge inherent in pictures or images – on issues that are transacted and transformed in a sphere of inquisitive co-existence among aesthetic mind-sets. The shaping and designing of a sphere is the task of all those present within it. Fulfilment of this task is potentially a formative act and experience.