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Impfaufforderung für Internationale Studierende

Um das Wintersemester 2021/22 in Präsenz stattfinden lassen zu können, ist es wünschenswert, dass möglichst viele Studierende geimpft sind. Dies gilt auch insbesondere für Internationale Studierende, die nun zum Wintersemester anreisen.


Basic information on Covid 19 vaccinations
Since June 7, 2021, vaccination prioritization has been lifted in Germany. All persons aged 12 years and older can be vaccinated free of charge, regardless of age, previous illnesses and occupation.
The prerequisite for this is a residence or habitual abode in Germany. This also applies to international students. The Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration has asked the vaccination centers to be accommodating for vaccinations in the vaccination centers and on-site campaigns and to vaccinate everyone who wants to, regardless of residence title and identification papers.
Vaccinations are available through the vaccination centers, the practicing medical profession and the occupational physicians of the universities. The country's vaccination centers are open until September 30, 2021. Vaccinations are available at almost all vaccination centers without an appointment. In addition, the vaccination centers hold on-site vaccination events in many locations where people can stop by and get vaccinated without an appointment. Dates and addresses, as well as information on opening hours when vaccinations can be given without an appointment, can also be found at Anyone who still wants to make an appointment, for example to avoid waiting times, can do so for an appointment at a vaccination center until September 30 via the central vaccination appointment service page or the central telephone hotline at 116 117. After September 30, vaccinations will still be available from primary care physicians and company physicians at universities.
In Baden-Württemberg, a Corona vaccination is always recorded in the vaccination certificate. Persons who do not have a vaccination certificate will receive a replacement certificate.

Information relevant before entry
Information on entering Germany can be found at:

This is the reference site on the subject of entry to which all other authorities and institutes refer. The website of the German Foreign Office provides information on entry requirements. The vaccination must have been done with a vaccine listed on the website of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute (PEI) and at least 14 days must have passed since the last individual vaccination (second vaccination).

Further information on entry requirements can be found on the websites of the German missions abroad (German embassies and consulates abroad).

What students need to consider
The travel preparations of students are mainly based on the countries they are coming from:

It is also important to pay attention to the websites of the German missions abroad. The current Corona entry regulations can be found as a table at:

Even after a complete vaccination there are currently hygiene, distance and mask obligations in Germany. Multilingual information page of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration Baden-Württemberg: